About us


Route 63 Training and Consulting (Pty) Ltd is an independent engineering training and consulting company. Our expertise ranges from power quality, reliability, integration of independent generation facilities and electromagnetic compatibility aspects. We have dealt with planning, analysis, simulation and evaluation of all aspects and at all levels of these disciplines, always taking cognisance of the financial and economic impacts of technical decisions.

The highly-trained founder and director has 20 years’ experience in power system engineering and a comprehensive understanding of power system events and the potential impacts on customers.

Managing and working with teams specifically selected for each task, we know that optimal solutions are out there, waiting to be found and perfected. Our wide range of skills allows us to look at each project from the traditional point of view, as well as various alternative analysis options. Our "outside-the-box" thinking has enabled solutions where previously there had been none.


Our vision is to see Power Systems and Customer Installations inter-operate at optimal Quality and Reliability levels in the most Economical way possible.


To equip engineers and utility staff to understand power systems through co-operative projects and targeted training to ensure optimal Quality and Reliability levels in the most Economical way possible.

Value Proposition

The power system is one of the most complex systems that mankind has built. It has evolved over a century into part dinosaur, part high-tech robot. Keeping all parts functioning and functioning together is often more of an art than a science. However, all disciplines of pure science and engineering are merged into operating, maintaining and extending this system into the future.

Drawing on vast experience in analysing system steady-state and event data, we have the ability to model, simulate and evaluate details for virtually any project. From there we can provide the most suitable proposals and solutions.

The nature of our projects rest in their complexities, the more complex, the more fun we have. No question or query is deemed irrelevant and no project is too complex!


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