Specialists in Power Quality and Renewable Power Integration


Route 63 Training and Consulting presents courses on-site as well as selected venues across the country in order to enable more people to attend these courses. Courses can also be presented at a customer’s selected venue, depending on requirements. Specialist courses include the following:

Independent and Renewable Power Producers Grid Code Compliance

Grid Code compliance to Power Quality requirements, as applicable to independent power producers (and especially renewable power producers) can be divided into three linked parts, each the topic of a separate and self-contained course:

Background on power quality is provided in each course, however, it is expected that candidates have fundamental understanding of power quality before attending these courses.  These are aimed at Utility staff and Consultants active in the RPP/IPP arena.

Embedded Generators

Embedded Generators generally refer to smaller units that are connected as part of a customer’s installation. These are typically installed by residential, commercial and agricultural customers. Courses are aimed at addressing the following aspects:

These courses are aimed at engineers, electrical contractors and customers. No specific pre-requisites are specified.

Custom Courses

Courses can be customised to meet customers’ needs within the specialities of Route 63 Training and Consulting as combinations of the above and more, e.g.:

Since these courses can be customised, the pre-requisites and background information will be based on the requirements of the customer.

Online Courses

Online training is available on many of the classroom-based courses. The online elearning portal can be accessed here.

NOTE: CPD points is only available for classroom-based courses, although the slides for the CPD courses are available online.


Our vision is to see Power Systems and Customer Installations inter-operate at optimal Quality and Reliability levels in the most Economical way possible.

The Power Quality Guideline for RPPs was approved at the IET meeting on 13 December 2015.



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